Lisinski, Vatroslav (real name, Ignacije Fuchs)

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Lisinski, Vatroslav (real name, Ignacije Fuchs)

Lisinski, Vatroslav (real name, Ignacije Fuchs), important Croatian composer; b. Zagreb, July 8,1819; d. there, May 31,1854. He was a student of Sojka and Wiesner von Morgenstern in Zagreb. As late as 1847, he went to Prague to study with Pitsch and Kittl. Although he never acquired a solid technique of composition, he was notable in that he tried to establish a national style in dramatic writing. He was the composer of the first Croatian opera, Ljubav i zloba (Love and Malice), for which he wrote only the vocal score; it was orchestrated by Wiesner von Morgenstern, and performed in Zagreb on March 28,1846. His second opera, Porin (1848–51), also in Croatian, was given many years after his death, in Zagreb, on Oct. 2, 1897. He further wrote 7 overtures, a number of choruses and songs, and piano pieces.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire