Letelier Valdés, Miguel Francisco (1939–)

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Letelier Valdés, Miguel Francisco (1939–)

Miguel Francisco Letelier Valdés is a Chilean organist and composer. Born on September 29, 1939, in Santiago, Letelier Valdés is the son of composer Alfonso Letelier Llona. He received his early musical education at the National Conservatory of the University of Chile. Later studies included work in France with Max Deutsch, André Jolivet, and Jean-Jacques Grünenwald. In Argentina, where he temporarily took up residence, he studied with Alberto Ginastera. He later moved back to Chile to join the faculty at the Universidad de Chile. Lete-lier Valdés, who has given recitals throughout South America and Germany, has composed for orchestra, piano, chamber groups, and voice. The originality of his work makes it difficult to identify him with a particular style or tendency, but his later music shows an affinity with the work of György Ligeti and Luciano Berio.

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