Let's Talk About Sex

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Let's Talk About Sex ★½ 1998 (R)

Miami magazine columnist Jazz (Beyer) pitches her idea for a TV show about women who candidly discuss sex (more accurately, their complaints about men), but is told she has the weekend to create a sample video. Jazz enlists the help of her equally frustrated and unhappy friends, Michelle and Lena (Brewster and Ingerman), and armed with a video camera, the three comb the steamy streets of Miami asking random women personal questions about their sex lives and baiting them into complaining about men. Tries to be a hip sorta-documentary blending handheld shots with staged scenes, but comes across as a soft-core sex farce/ soap opera. Beyer also wrote and directed. 82m/C VHS . Troy Beyer, Randi Ingerman, Joseph C. Phillips, Paget Brewster, Michaline Babich, Tina Nguyen; D: Troy Beyer; W: Troy Beyer; C: Kelly Evans; M: Michael Carpenter.