Let's Kill All the Lawyers

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Let's Kill All the Lawyers ★★½ 1993 (R)

Low-budget satire about one man's angst over whether to become a lawyer is witty, entertaining, and not just for legal eagles. Lawfirm intern Foster Merkul (Frederick) is apprenticed to a sleazeball (Vezina) who teaches him that money—not justice—is the name of the game in the law biz. Growing increasingly disillusioned, Foster sets out to reform the system with the help of Satori, a beautiful and mysterious creature of his imagination. Shot at sites in and around Detroit, this independent production features lots of cameos by local media celebrities. 103m/C VHS . Rick Frederick, James Vezina, Michelle De Vuono, Maggie Patton, Marty Smith; D: Ron Senkowski; W: Ron Senkowski.