Lethal Lolita—Amy Fisher: My Story

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Lethal Lolita—Amy Fisher: My Story ★★ Amy Fisher: My Story 1992

The only made-for-TV Amy Fisher story out of three whose cast members even remotely resemble the real people—except of course actress Parker is actually pretty. Minor details aside, this account is Amy's story, purchased by NBC for an undisclosed amount, portraying her as an incest victim who gets involved with an opportunistic married jerk who drags her into prostitution, leading her to take out her frustration on his wife. If this is true, the obvious question is “why?”…to which she answers, “He loves me. We have great sex. And he fixes my car.” Oh. See also: “The Amy Fisher Story” and “Casualties of Love: The ‘Long Island Lolita' Story.” 93m/C VHS, DVD . Noelle Parker, Ed Marinaro, Kathleen Lasky, Boyd Kestner, Mary Ann Pascal, Lawrence Dane, Kate Lynch; D: Bradford May. TV