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engineeradhere, Agadir, appear, arrear, auctioneer, austere, balladeer, bandolier, Bashkir, beer, besmear, bier, blear, bombardier, brigadier, buccaneer, cameleer, career, cashier, cavalier, chandelier, charioteer, cheer, chevalier, chiffonier, clavier, clear, Coetzee, cohere, commandeer, conventioneer, Cordelier, corsetière, Crimea, dear, deer, diarrhoea (US diarrhea), domineer, Dorothea, drear, ear, electioneer, emir, endear, engineer, fear, fleer, Freer, fusilier, gadgeteer, Galatea, gazetteer, gear, gondolier, gonorrhoea (US gonorrhea), Greer, grenadier, hear, here, Hosea, idea, interfere, Izmir, jeer, Judaea, Kashmir, Keir, kir, Korea, Lear, leer, Maria, marketeer, Medea, Meir, Melilla, mere, Mia, Mir, mishear, mountaineer, muleteer, musketeer, mutineer, near, orienteer, pamphleteer, panacea, paneer, peer, persevere, pier, Pierre, pioneer, pistoleer, privateer, profiteer, puppeteer, queer, racketeer, ratafia, rear, revere, rhea, rocketeer, Sapir, scrutineer, sear, seer, sere, severe, Shamir, shear, sheer, sincere, smear, sneer, sonneteer, souvenir, spear, sphere, steer, stere, summiteer, Tangier, tear, tier, Trier, Tyr, veer, veneer, Vere, Vermeer, vizier, volunteer, Wear, weir, we're, year, Zaïre

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en·gi·neer / ˌenjəˈni(ə)r/ • n. a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works. ∎  a person qualified in a branch of engineering, esp. as a professional: aeronautical engineer. ∎  the operator or supervisor of an engine, esp. a railroad locomotive or the engine on an aircraft or ship. ∎  a skillful contriver or originator of something: the prime engineer of the approach. • v. [tr.] design and build (a machine or structure): the men who engineered the tunnel. ∎  skillfully or artfully arrange for (an event or situation) to occur: she engineered another meeting with him. ∎  modify (an organism) by manipulating its genetic material: genetically engineered plants.

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engineer designer or constructor of engines or works, orig. of military engines. XIV. ME. engineor, -our — OF. engignëor, -our (mod. ingénieur) :- medL. ingeniātor, -ōr-, f. ingeniāre, f. ingenium ENGINE. The ending was later assim. to -ier, -EER1.
Hence engineer vb. intr. XVII; tr. XIX.