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Psychology Careers

Careers in Psychology

Psychology is the study of the human mind and how it works. Studying behavior and actions is an important part of this field. Jobs in psychology can be from working with law enforcement as a forensic psychologist to working with students in educational psychology. Getting started in this career requires individuals to enroll in degree programs to learn about the theories and research in the field.

Psychology Degrees and Programs

Students interested in this field usually start out in an associate’s degree program or a bachelor’s degree program. Associate’s degree holders may use their credits to enroll into a bachelor’s degree program, and reduce the amount of time to earn the degree. Students that wish to take their education to a higher level will want to pursue a master’s degree in psychology. In order too practice as a psychologist, individuals need to earn a Doctor of Psychology degree.

Psychology Jobs

There are several types of psychology specialties one could in. Each will deal with a certain segment of the population, age range, or in clinical or practical applications. Here are a few types of psychology areas an individual could work in:

  • Counseling Psychology: These psychologists work with individuals or groups who are looking to improve themselves. They may work in clinical environments, schools, or with organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous to help people. These professionals may see first hand how they positively affect a person’s life and what improvements are made.
  • Experimental Psychology: Professionals in this area help to develop new theories and methods. They don’t work usually work with individuals in one-on-one basis, but usually work in research settings to evaluate data and methods. Skills and knowledge in statistics, patience, and research methodologies are usually found in successful professionals in this field.
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Companies and organizations hire this type of psychologists to help understand their employees. They study how employees work together and how the mental health of employees help make a company successful. They help employers try to find employees who will be successful and fit within the company.

Psychology is an interesting field that finds its use in many situations. Individuals may seek a professional to help them solve some personal issues, while large organizations may use these professionals to help with retaining employees. There are still many more areas where psychology could be used, so the field is always expanding. More information, facts, salary figures, and required education can be seen by selecting one of the careers that you may be interested in.