Eggby, David 1950– (David Egby)

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EGGBY, David 1950
(David Egby)


Born 1950, in London, England; immigrated to Australia, 1959.

Addresses: Agent Wayne Fitterman, United Talent Agency, 9560 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Career: Cinematographer. Crawford Productions, Melbourne, Australia, worked as a trainee; Electricity Commission, worked as producer, director, photographer, and editor of training films for engineers; also worked as an apprentice still photographer, camera operator (sometimes credited as David Egby), unit director, and photographer for commercials. Lecturer in cinema, including lecturer at Victoria College of the Arts. Military service: Australian Navy, served six years as an aerial photographer.

Member: Australian Cinematographers Society.

Awards, Honors: Cinematographer of the Year Award and Golden Tripod, outstanding feature production, both Australian Cinematographers Society, 2001, for Pitch Black.


Film Cinematographer:

Mad Max, American International Pictures, 1980.

Dead Man's Float (also known as Smuggler's Cove ), Greg Lynch Film Distributors, 1980.

Early Frost, Nacional Video, 1982.

Buddies, JD Productions, 1983.

The Slim Dusty Movie (documentary), GUO/Thorn EMI Video Australia, 1984.

The Naked Country (also known as Morris West's The Naked Country ), 1984.

Bullamakanka (also known as At Last ... Bullamakanka: The Motion Picture ), Thorn EMI Video Australia, 1984.

Kansas, TransWorld Entertainment, 1988.

(With others) Return to Snowy River (also known as The Man from Snowy River II and Return to Snowy River, Part II: The Legend Continues ), Buena Vista, 1988.

(With others) Ground Zero, Avenue Pictures Productions, 1988.

Warlock, 1989, Trimark Pictures, 1991.

The Blood of Heroes (also known as Salute of the Jugger and Salute to the Jugger ), New Line Cinema, 1990.

Quigley Down Under (also known as Quigley ), MetroGoldwynMayer, 1990.

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, MetroGoldwynMayer, 1991.

Fortress, Dimension Films, 1993.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, MCA/Universal, 1993.

Lightning Jack, Savoy Pictures, 1994.

Dragonheart, Universal, 1996.

Daylight, Universal, 1996.

Virus, MCA/Universal, 1999.

Blue Streak, Columbia, 1999.

Pitch Black (also known as Night Fall ), USA Films, 2000.

(With others) Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, Paramount, 2001.

ScoobyDoo, Warner Bros., 2002.

Horseplay, Mushroom Pictures, 2003.

Eurotrip, DreamWorks, 2004.

Film Appearances:

Norfolk captain, Virus, MCA/Universal, 1999.

Television Cinematographer; Miniseries:

A Thousand Skies, Seven Network (Australia), 1985.

Dream West, CBS, 1986.

The Tommyknockers (also known as Stephen King's The Tommyknockers ), ABC, 1993.

Television Cinematographer; Movies:

Survive the Savage Sea, ABC, 1992.

The Echo of Thunder, CBS, 1998.

(With others) Rip Girls, The Disney Channel, 2000.

Stepsister from Planet Weird, The Disney Channel, 2000.

Crossfire Trail (also known as Louis L'Amour's " Crossfire Trail "), TNT, 2001.

Monte Walsh, TNT, 2003.

Television Cinematographer; Other:

Kansas (pilot), ABC, 1995.

Space: Above and Beyond (pilot), Fox, 1995.

Space: Above and Beyond (series; also known as Space: 2063 ), Fox, 19951996.


Video Appearances:

Mel Gibson: The High Octane Birth of a Superstar, MetroGoldwynMayer Home Entertainment, 2001.

Mad Max: The Film Phenomenon, MetroGoldwynMayer Home Entertainment, 2001.



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