Stam, Martinus Adrianus

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Stam, Martinus Adrianus, called Mart (1899–1986). Dutch architect. Much of his work was carried out with others, notably Poelzig and Max Taut (1922), Brinkman and van der Vlugt (1925–8), and Ernst May (1930–4). He designed terrace-houses for the Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart (1927), and was invited by Hannes Meyer to teach at the Bauhaus (1928–9). A founding-member of CIAM, he was firmly of Leftist political persuasion, and worked (1930–4) with May in the Soviet Union on the New Towns. With El Lissitzky, he was associated with Constructivism (1924–5). After the 1939–45 war he worked in Dresden and East Berlin until 1952 when he settled for a while in Amsterdam before retiring to Switzerland. His best-known work is the van Nelle Tobacco Factory in Rotterdam, with Brinkman and van der Vlugt (1926–30).


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