Brinkman, Johannes Andreas

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Brinkman, Johannes Andreas (1902–49). Rotterdam-born architect, who was in partnership from 1925 to 1936 with Leendert Cornelius van der Vlugt (1894–1936) and, from 1937 to 1948, with van den Broek. The firm produced the celebrated van Nelle tobacco-factory, Rotterdam (1926–30), on which Mart Stam also worked. Regarded as one of the purest Constructivist buildings of the period, as well as a pioneering example of Modern architecture, it was a mushroom-columned reinforced-concrete structure with large areas of curtain-walling, and freely expressed ramped connections crossing backwards and forwards between the factory-block and the warehouse in glazed elevated bridges. Brinkman and van der Vlugt collaborated with Willem van Tijen (1894–1974) on the design of the slab-shaped Bergpolder high-rise residential block in Rotterdam (1933–4), one of the earliest buildings on the piloti base made fashionable by Le Corbusier.


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