Stambler, Irwin

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STAMBLER, Irwin. American, b. 1924. Genres: Air/Space topics, Children's non-fiction, History, Music, Recreation, Sports/Fitness, Travel/ Exploration. Career: Co-Publr. and Editorial Director, Technology Forecasts and Technology Surveys newsletter, 1969-; syndicated newspaper columnist, Pop, Rock and Soul, 1977-; Publr. and Ed., Alternative Energy newsletter, 1980-. Western Ed., Research and Development mag., 1966-96; Ed., Tape Cartridge/ Cassette Industry, 1970-. Sr. Engineer, Chase Aircraft, NYC, 1950-53; Structure Engineer, Republic Aviation, Farmingdale, New York, 1953-54; Engineering Ed., Space Aeronautics mag., 1954-66; Correspondent, Airline Mgmt. and Marketing mag., 1967-69. Publications: Space Ship: Story of the X-15, 1961; The Battle for Inner Space: Undersea Warfare and Weapons, 1962; Wonders of Underwater Exploration, 1962; Breath of Life: Story of Our Atmosphere, 1963; Build the Unknown, 1963; Project Gemini, 1964; Encyclopedia of Popular Music, 1965; Supersonic Transport, 1965; Orbiting Space Stations, 1965; Automobiles of the Future, 1966; Great Moments in Auto Racing, 1967; Guide to Model Car Racing, 1967; Weather Instruments, 1968; Worlds of Sound, 1968; Ocean Liners of the Air, 1969; (with G. Landon) Encyclopedia of Folk, Country and Western Music, 1969, 1984; World of Microelectronics, 1969; Project Viking, 1970; Guitar Years: Popular Music from Country and Western to Hard Rock, 1970; (with G. Landon) Golden Guitars: The Story of Country Music, 1971; Great Moments in Stock Car Racing, 1971; Unusual Automobiles of Today and Tomorrow, 1972; Shorelines of America, 1972; Automobile Engines of Today and Tomorrow, 1973; Revolution in Light, 1973; The Supercars and the Men Who Drive Them, 1974; Speed Kings, 1974; Women in Sports, 1975; Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock and Soul, 1975, 1989; The Supercars and the Men Who Race Them, 1975; Bill Walton, Super Center, 1976; Catfish Hunter, 1976; Here Come the Funny Cars, 1976; Minibikes and Small Cycles, 1977; New Automobiles of the Future, 1978; Top Fuelers, 1978; Racing the Sprint Cars, 1979; Dream Machines: Vans and Pickups, 1980; (with G. Landon) New Encyclopedia of Folk, Country and Western Music, 1983; Off-Roading, 1984; Encyclopedia of Country & Country Rock, 1997; (with L. Stambler) Encyclopedia of Folk and Blues, 2000. Address: c/o Technology Forecasts, 205 S Beverly Dr Ste 208, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, U.S.A.