Hansen, Christian Frederik

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Hansen, Christian Frederik (1756–1845). Leading architect of the Greek Revival in Denmark. Trained under Harsdorff, he assisted the latter at Frederik V's Chapel (which he eventually completed 1821–5), Roskilde Cathedral, before visiting Italy (1782–4). His finest work is Vor Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady), Copenhagen (designed 1808–10 and built 1811–29), with a portico in which the primitive Doric Order from Paestum was adapted. He also designed the splendid Law Courts, Prison, and Town Hall, with archways (1803–16), in the same city, which were in the severe Neo-Classical style also developed by Gilly and others in Germany. In his official capacity as Surveyor for Holstein, he designed the Mental Hospital in Schleswig (1818–20), a serene, symmetrical complex of buildings in a rural setting that aroused much interest. From 1784 until 1844 he was the chief arbiter in matters of architectural taste in Denmark. His works include various delightful Classical buildings in Altona, Hamburg (e.g. his own house at 116 Palmaille, of 1803–4), and along the banks of the Elbe (e.g. Hirschparkhaus, c.1798), as well as the churches at Husum (1828–33) and Neumünster, Germany (1828–34).


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Hansen, Christian Frederik

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