Bodley, Sir Josias

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Bodley, Sir Josias (c.1550–1617). Exeter-born military engineer, brother of the founder of the Bodleian Library in Oxford. He saw service in Ireland from 1598 in the war against Hugh, The O'Neill, Second ‘Great’ Earl of Tyrone (c.1540–1616), which only came to an end in 1603. He remained in Ireland, having been appointed by the Privy Council as Superintendent of Castles. In 1609 he was entrusted with the survey for the Plantation of Ulster, and in 1612 became Director-General of the Fortifications and Buildings in Ireland. He built a range of fortifications, but his largest works were the ramparts and fortifications of the City of London's new town of Coleraine in the specially created County of Londonderry (largely colonized by the City and its Livery Companies).


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