Body and Soul 1947

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Body and Soul ★★★½ An Affair of the Heart 1947

Charlie Davis (Garfield) is a Jewish boxer whose parents want him to quit the ring and get an education. Instead, he rises quickly to the top, thanks in part to gangster “protector” Roberts (Goff). After becoming a champ, Charlie starts the inevitable downward slide. Onetime pro-welterweight Lee plays boxing rival Ben. A vintage '40s boxing film that defines the genre. Remade in 1981 with Leon Isaac Kennedy. 104m/B VHS, DVD . John Garfield, Lilli Palmer, Hazel Brooks, Anne Revere, William Conrad, Canada Lee, Joseph Pev-ney, Lloyd Goff; D: Robert Rossen; W: Abraham Polonsky; C: James Wong Howe; M: Hugo Fried-hofer. Oscars '47: Film Editing.