Body Count 1997 (R)

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Body Count ★★ Below Utopia 1997 (R)

Daniel (Theroux) takes fiancee Suzanne (Milano) home to meet his wealthy family and they just happen to be out of the line of immediate mayhem when a gang of thieves (led by Ice-T) break in to steal the family art collection. Now, they're playing a very serious game of hide-and-seek in order to stay alive—only the situations isn't as clear as it seems. 88m/C VHS, DVD . Ice-T, Alyssa Milano, Justin Theroux, Tommy (Tiny) Lister, Jeannette O'Connor, Nicholas Walker, Eric Saiet, Marta Kristen, Ron Harper, Robert Pine, Richard Danielson; D: Kurt Voss; W: David Diamond; C: Denis Maloney; M: Joseph Williams. VIDEO