Body & Soul 1993

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Body & Soul ★★★ 1993

After spending 16 years as a cloistered nun in a Welsh convent, with vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, Anna Gibson (Scott Thomas) must return to the outside world. Following her brother's suicide, Anna is forced to deal with his pregnant widow (Redman) and two children and her family's failing Yorkshire mill. Anna suffers a crisis of faith as both the secular and the religious exert their strong influences and she's drawn as well to two very different men—younger Hal (Mavers), the mill's supervisor, and divorced bank manager Daniel Stern (Bowe). Based on the 1991 novel by Marcelle Bernstein; British TV miniseries. 312m/C VHS . GB Kristin Scott Thomas, Amanda Redman, Gary Mavers, Anthony Valentine, Sandra Voe, John Bowe, Dorothy Tutin, Patrick Allen; D: Moira Armstrong; W: Paul Hines; C: Peter Middleton; M: Jim Parker.