Aulenti, Gae(tana)

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Aulenti, Gae(tana) (1927– ). Italian architect and industrial- and stage-designer. From 1956, when she commenced practice, her work developed as part of the richly diverse design atmosphere in Milan. Her best-known building is the conversion of the redundant Gare d'Orsay railway-terminus in Paris (1896–1900—by Laloux) to the Musée d'Orsay (1980–6). She was also responsible for the restoration and conversion of the Palazzo Grassi, Venice, for use as a musical auditorium and exhibition centre (1985–6). Other works include numerous private houses, showrooms, exhi-bition-layouts, gardens, and the decoration and layout of the walkway and entrance beside Santa Maria Novella Station, Florence (1990). She restored the Palazzo Muti-Bussi, Rome (1991), designed the Italian Pavilion at Expo 92, Seville, Spain (1992), and planned the Feshane Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Istanbul, Turkey (1992).


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