Laloux, Victor-Alexandre-Frédéric

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Laloux, Victor-Alexandre-Frédéric (1850–1937). French architect. Early in his career he published a book on Greek architecture (1888), and with Paul Monceaux (1859–1941), another tome on Olympia (1889). Perhaps, as a result of these studies, his Beaux-Arts Classicism was dignified and serious, avoiding the Baroque extravagances of C. Garnier and his followers. He designed the Gare du Quai d'Orsay, Paris (1896–1900), and the Station at Tours (1895–8): both are scholarly, handsome, and competent works. Some of his most distinguished work was in Tours, his birth-place, including the Byzantino-Romanesque Basilique St-Martin (1887–1924—his first major building, reminiscent of designs by Abadie) and the Hôtel de Ville (1896–1904).


Laloux (1888);
Lemaresquier (1938)

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Laloux, Victor-Alexandre-Frédéric

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