Lamadrid, Gregorio Aráoz de (1795–1857)

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Lamadrid, Gregorio Aráoz de (1795–1857)

Gregorio Aráoz de Lamadrid (b. 28 November 1795; d. 5 January 1857), Argentine military and political leader in the Río de la Plata during the independence and early national periods. Born in Tucumán, Lamadrid entered the local militia in 1811. His revolutionary duties included fighting under Manuel Belgrano, José Rondeau, and José de San Martín in 1812–1820. Lamadrid sided with the Unitarists of Buenos Aires against the Federalists of the interior and, accordingly, fought against Juan Facundo Quiroga of La Rioja after assuming the governorship of Tucumán in 1825. He later fought against the dictatorship of Juan Manuel de Rosas. In addition to his personal service in the struggles for Argentine independence and nation building, Lamadrid wrote two basic sources concerning these events: his autobiography and a work on José María Paz that he completed shortly before his death in Buenos Aires.

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Lamadrid, Gregorio Aráoz de (1795–1857)

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Lamadrid, Gregorio Aráoz de (1795–1857)