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panhandleaddle, paddle, saddle, skedaddle, staddle, straddle •candle, Coromandel, dandle, Handel, handle, mishandle, Randall, sandal, scandal, vandal •manhandle, panhandle •packsaddle • side-saddle •backpedal, heddle, medal, meddle, pedal, peddle, treadle •Grendel, Kendall, Lendl, Mendel, Rendell, sendal, Wendell •cradle, ladle •beadle, bipedal, credal, needle, wheedle •diddle, fiddle, griddle, kiddle, Liddell, middle, piddle, riddle, twiddle •brindle, dwindle, kindle, spindle, swindle, Tyndale •paradiddle, taradiddle •pyramidal • apsidal •bridal, bridle, fratricidal, genocidal, germicidal, homicidal, idle, idol, infanticidal, insecticidal, intertidal, matricidal, parricidal, patricidal, pesticidal, regicidal, sidle, suicidal, tidal, tyrannicidal, uxoricidal •coddle, doddle, model, noddle, swaddle, toddle, twaddle, waddle •fondle, rondel •mollycoddle •caudal, chordal, dawdle •poundal, roundel •Gödel, modal, yodel •crinoidal •boodle, caboodle, canoodle, doodle, feudal, noodle, poodle, strudel, udal •befuddle, cuddle, fuddle, huddle, muddle, puddle, ruddle •bundle, trundle •prebendal • synodal •antipodal, tripodal •citadel •curdle, engirdle, girdle, hurdle •dirndl

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PANHANDLE. A panhandle, as the name implies, is a long, usually narrow, tract of land appended to the main area of a state. Many such areas exist in the United States. West Virginia's panhandle extends northward between Pennsylvania and Ohio. Oklahoma's panhandle, a long strip about twenty-five miles wide, lies between Texas on the south and Colorado and Kansas on the north. The Texas panhandle, a large, nearly square area, includes the northern portion of the state.

The term panhandle also applies to the portion of Idaho between Washington and Montana; the western extension of Nebraska north of Colorado; the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania along Lake Erie; and the long western extension of Florida.


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Erwin N.Griswold/c. w.

See alsoGeography .

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pan·han·dle / ˈpanˌhandl/ • n. a narrow strip of territory projecting from the main territory of one state into another state. • v. [intr.] inf. beg in the street: she went back to the streets to panhandle for money. DERIVATIVES: pan·han·dler n.

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