Panic in Needle Park

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Panic in Needle Park ★★★ 1971 (R)

Drugs become an obsession for a young girl who goes to New York for an abortion. Her new boyfriend is imprisoned for robbery in order to support both their habits. She resorts to prostitution to continue her drug habit, and trouble occurs when her boyfriend realizes she was instrumental in his being sent to jail. Strikes a vein in presenting an uncompromising look at drug use. May be too much of a depressant for some. Pacino's first starring role. 90m/C VHS . Al Pacino, Kitty Winn, Alan Vint, Richard Bright, Kiel Martin, Warren Finnerty, Raul Julia, Paul Sorvino; D: Jerry Schatzberg; W: Joan Didion, John Gregory Dunne; C: Adam Holender. Cannes ‘71: Actress (Winn).