Panigel, Eliyahu Moshe

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PANIGEL, ELIYAHU MOSHE (1850–1919), Sephardi chief rabbi of Ereẓ Israel. Orphaned in childhood, Panigel was raised by his uncle, the Sephardi chief rabbi of Ereẓ Israel (rishon le-Zion), Rabbi Raphael Meir *Panigel. He was sent on fund-raising missions to Algeria by the Misgav la-Dakh Hospital in Jerusalem and to North Africa, Italy, India, the Caucasus and Bokhara, by the Jerusalem community. An outstanding preacher and cantor, he eulogized Herzl in Jerusalem upon his death in 1904. In 1907 he was appointed ḥakham bashi (chief rabbi of the Ottoman Empire) and Sephardi chief rabbi of Ereẓ Israel but was forced to resign in 1908. When Jerusalem was captured by the British in 1917, he publicly welcomed General Allenby and the Jewish Legion.


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[Geulah Bat Yehuda (Raphael)]