Pang, Andrew 1962-

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Pang, Andrew 1962- (Andrew Tze On Pang)


Born December 29, 1962, in Hong Kong, China; married Sarah L. Rutson (a fashion consultant), March 11, 1996; children: Eliza Scarlett. Education: Keele University, Staffordshire, England, B.A., 1987.


E-mail—[email protected].




British Origami Society, Chinese Origami Society.


Star Trek Paper Universe (nonfiction), Pocket Books (New York, NY), 2000.


Andrew Pang specializes in books and projects revolving around the paper art of origami. He is a member of both the British and Chinese Origami Societies. Pang earned a bachelor's degree in computer science and management science from the Keele University. In 2000 Pang published Star Trek Paper Universe. This nonfiction instructional book guides readers through constructing origami replicas of well-known space ships from the television series Star Trek. Pang includes an introduction covering an abbreviated history of the art of origami plus an overview of the basic origami folds. Following are detailed instructions for sixteen Star Trek ships, including the Klingon battle cruiser, Deep Space Nine station, the Borg cube, and the Ferengi Marauder. Ten sheets of origami paper are included with the book.

Critics reacted positively to Star Trek Paper Universe overall. Many noted that the book would be a draw for a diverse audience. "This unique and creative book is a must-have for origami devotees and Star Trek fans alike," wrote a Writers Write contributor. Others lauded Pang for providing detailed and entertaining instructions. "The drawings are clear, the explanations concise and often witty," observed Little Review contributor Michelle Erica Green.

In reference to his pursuit of origami, Pang told CA: "I just know I have to do something about a talent that I have been given. My advice to others is trust your own gut feeling, never give up and never say die. Everything on this planet is to do with timing, believe in it and one day it will happen."



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