Schnéevoigt, Georg

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Schnéevoigt, Georg (b Viipuri, 1872; d Malmö, 1947). Finn. conductor and cellist. Cellist in Helsinki PO for 8 years, then toured Europe as soloist. Cond. début Riga 1901. Cond. Kaim Orch., Munich, 1904–8. Formed new sym. orch. in Helsinki 1912 which in 1914 became Helsinki City Orch. Cond. Helsinki City Orch. 1916–41 (jointly with Kajanus 1916–32). Cond. in Stockholm 1915–24, Oslo PO 1919–27, Riga Opera 1928–32, Los Angeles PO 1927–9, Malmö 1930–47.