Schneemann, Gerhard

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Theologian; b. Wesel, Westphalia, Germany, Feb. 12, 1829; d. Kerkrade (Limburg), Netherlands, Nov. 20, 1885. At Bonn he studied law (184547) and theology (184749). He then entered the seminary in Münster, completed his studies in Rome (1850), joined the Jesuits (1851), and was ordained (1856). After pastoral work in Cologne, he taught philosophy in Aachen and Bonn (186062), and Church history and Canon Law at the Jesuit scholasticate of Maria Laach (186369). Released from teaching, he devoted himself thereafter to scholarly research. His first literary attempts were on apologetic subjects, including pamphlets against the presentation by dÖllinger of Pope honorius i in the Fables of the Popes (1864) and in support of the syllabus of errors (1865). These writings displayed the intellectual and historical orientation that made him an indefatigable defender of papal infallibility. Other writings of his, published anonymously, kept him in controversy during the kulturkampf. He was a cofounder and, from 1879, editor of the Jesuit periodical Stimmen aus Maria Laach, which carried many of his own articles. Schneemann's main scholarly contribution was in the field of modern conciliar history. He inaugurated and edited the first six volumes of the Acta et decreta s. conciliorum recentiorum, known as the Collectio Lacensis, 7 v., (187090), comprising mainly the provincial councils of the Church since 1682 (v. 7, containing documents on vatican council i, was edited by Granderath). This monumental collection is an indispensable source work.

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