Three Days of the Condor

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Three Days of the Condor ★★★ 1975 (R)

CIA researcher Joe Turner (Redford) leaves the office to get sme lunch and returns to find all his colleagues murdered. He calls for help but learns his own organization is responsible for the slaughter. So Joe goes on the run until he can expose the conspiracy. Good performance by Dunaway as photographer Kathy Hale, who is forced by Joe to help him but then becomes a willing accomplice. A post-Watergate tale of paranoia and suspense. Based on “Six Days of the Condor” by James Grady. 118m/C VHS, DVD . Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway, Cliff Robertson, Max von Sydow, John Houseman; D: Sydney Pollack; W: David Rayfiel; C: Owen Roizman; M: Dave Grusin.