Three Cases of Murder

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Three Cases of Murder ★★★ 1955

Three fast-paced tales of mayhem. “In the Picture” features a deranged taxidermist, a creepy house, and a hapless museum guide. From a story by Roderick Wilkinson. Two friends are in love with the same girl in “You Killed Elizabeth” and when she turns up dead it's clear one of them is guilty. From a story by Brett Halliday. The best features Welles as “Lord Mountdrago,” who destroys the career of a fellow Parliament Member and is haunted by fears of retaliation. Based on a story by W. Somerset Maugham. 99m/B VHS . GB Alan Badel, John Gregson, Orson Welles, Elizabeth Sellars, Hugh Pryse, Jack Lambert; D: Wendy Toye, David Eady, George More O'Ferrall; W: Donald Wilson, Sidney Carroll, Ian Dalrymple; C: Georges Perinal; M: Doreen Carwithen.