Three Fugitives

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Three Fugitives ★★ 1989 (PG-13)

An excon holdup man (Nolte) determined to go straight is taken hostage by a bungling first-time bank robber, who is only attempting the holdup in order to support his withdrawn young daughter. Nolte winds up on the lam with the wouldbe robber and his daughter. The comedy is fun, the sentimental moments too sweet and slow. Remake of French “Les Fugitifs.” 96m/C VHS, DVD . Nick Nolte, Martin Short, James Earl Jones, Kenneth McMillan, Sarah Rowland Doroff, Alan Ruck, Bruce McGill, Sy Richardson, Larry Miller, Lee Garlington, John Aylward, Kathy Kinney; D: Francis Veber; W: Francis Veber; C: Haskell Wexler; M: David McHugh.