Three Daring Daughters

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Three Daring Daughters ★★½ 1948

When her husband leaves her and she almost misses her daughter's graduation due to a fainting spell, MacDonald takes hiatus on a cruise ship where she meets and mar ries pianist Iturbi. Unknowing, the three daughters at home conspire to get Dad back in the family. Enraged when Mom returns with newfound hubby, the three some do all in their power to make the newlyweds as miserable as possible. Happily ended musical-comedy is chock full of memorable tunes. Based on the play “The Bees and the Flowers” by Kohner and Albert Manning. Route 66; The Dickey Bird Song; Alma Mater; Fleurette; Passepied; Where There's Love; Ritual Fire Dance; You Made Me Love You; Happy Birthday. 115m/C VHS . Jeanette MacDonald, Jose Iturbi, Jane Powell, Edward Arnold, Harry Davenport, Moyna MacGill, Elinor Donahue, Ann E. Todd; D: Fred M. Wilcox; W: Sonya Levien, John Meehan, Albert Mannheimer, Frederick Kohner.