Three Days of Rain 2003

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Three Days of Rain ★½ 2003 (R)

Ensemble drama as dreary as the persistent Cleveland downpour. A tile maker desperately needs a widow to pay her husband's debt to him. A lonely taxi driver tries to talk to his passengers about the recent death of his son. A well-off husband is horrified when his wife behaves unkindly to a homeless man. A heroin addict trades sexual favors with a judge in order to see her daughter. A charming drunk manipulates his son for financial support. A mildly retarded man refuses to be pushed out of his job. Based on six stories by Anton Chekhov. 94m/C DVD . Peter Falk, Joy Bilow, Don Meredith, Erik Avari, Blythe Danner, Bill Stockton, Merle Kennedy, Penny Allen, Michael Santoro, Heather Kafka, Maggie Walker; D: Michael Meredith; W: Michael Meredith; C: Cynthia Pusheck; M: Bob Belden.