Three Comrades

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Three Comrades ★★★ 1938

Taylor, Tone, and Young are three friends, reunited in bleak, post-WWI Germany, who meet and befriend Sullavan, a tubercular beauty. Reluctant to marry because of her health, she's finally persuaded to wed Taylor, amidst the country's increasing unrest. Tragedy strikes Sullavan and the politicized Young and the two remaining comrades face an uncertain future. Bleak but forceful and passionate drama. Sullavan's performance is superb. Based on the novel by Erich Maria Remarque. Fitzgerald's script was heavily rewritten because both Sullavan and producer Mankiewicz found his approach too literary with unspeakable dialogue. 99m/B VHS . Robert Taylor, Margaret Sullavan, Robert Young, Franchot Tone, Lionel Atwill, Guy Kibbee, Henry Hull, George Zucco, Monty Woolley, Charley Grapewin, Spencer Charters, Sarah Padden; D: Frank Borzage; W: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edward Paramore; C: Joseph Ruttenberg; M: Franz Waxman. N.Y. Film Critics ‘38: Actress (Sullavan).