Three for the Show

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Three for the Show ★★½ 1955

Julie (Grable) is a songanddance queen whose husband, Marty (Lemmon), was presumed dead in WWII. After she marries his songwriting partner, Vernon (Champion), Marty naturally shows up. Because she loves both men, Julie de cides to setup a household threesome until she can make up her mind. Champi on's reallife spouse and dance partner, Marge, plays Grable's best friend. Some good dance numbers don't make up for the weak script. Based on the W. Somerset Maugham play “Too Many Husbands” and filmed under that title in 1940. Someone to Watch Over Me; Which One?; Down Boy!; I've Been Kissed Before; I've Got a Crush on You; How Come You Like Me Like You Do?; Three for the Show. 93m/C VHS . Betty Grable, Jack Lemmon, Gower Champion, Marge Champion, Myron McCormick, Paul Harvey; D: H.C. Potter; W: Leonard Stern, Edward Hope; C: Arthur E. Arling; M: George Duning.