Three Came Home

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Three Came Home ★★★ 1950

Colbert is an American married to a British administrator in the Far East during WWII. Conquering Japanese throw the whole family into a brutal POW concentration camp, and their confinement is recounted in harrowing and unsparing detail. Superior drama, also laudable for a fairly evenhanded portrayal of the enemy captors. Based on an autobiographical book by Agnes Newton-Keith. 106m/B VHS, DVD . Claudette Colbert, Patric Knowles, Sessue Hayakawa, Florence Desmond, Sylvia Andrew, Mark Keuning, Phyllis Morris, Howard Chuman; D: Jean Negulesco; W: Nunnally Johnson; C: William H. Daniels, Milton Krasner; M: Hugo Friedhofer.