Threat of Exposure

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Threat of Exposure ★½ 2002 (R)

Hypnotherapist Dr. Daryl Sheleigh (Young) is having a problem with her patients—they keep disappearing. Cop Badger Welldon (Schaub) goes undercover as a patient to investigate since one of the missing is his younger brother. But disturbing secrets emerge from Badger's past, including an abusive childhood and his own violent nature, and evidence begins to point to Daryl as the prime suspect. It's all too easy to see where this wannabe thriller is headed. 90m/C DVD . US Sean Young, William Devane, Will Schaub, D. Paul Thomas, Sara Crawford; D: Tom Whitus; W: Frederick Bailey, Jeno Hodl; C: Fred Paddock; M: Jamie Howarth, Kinny Landrum. VIDEO