Three Days of Rain 2002

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Three Days of Rain ★½ 2002

Based on six loosely-connected short stories by Chekov, and set in Cleveland under a brooding rain. Director Michael Meredith attempts to highlight the small ways in which people reveal both cruelty and kindness. A wife's indifference toward a homeless person's hunger triggers a man's reevaluation of his life. A taxi driver has just lost his son, but his passenger (Danner) cannot muster an ounce of sympathy. The other stories are equally troubling, with a boozing father who takes advantage of everyone including his son, and a supervisor plotting to eliminate a mentally challenged janitor. Unfortunately these stories are no different than what you can see most days by walking out your own front door. 94m/C DVD . US Peter Falk, Don Meredith, Merle Kennedy, Erik Avari, Maggie Walker, Joy Bilow, Michael Santoro, Penny Allen, Heather Kafka, Bill Stockton; D: Michael Meredith; C: Cynthia Pusheck; M: Bob Belden.