Shiina, Makoto

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SHIINA, Makoto

SHIINA, Makoto. Japanese, b. 1944. Genres: Autobiography/Memoirs, Novels, Science fiction/Fantasy. Career: Essayist, journalist, novelist, film maker, and children's book author. Worked as editor-in-chief of a trade paper and as publisher of Hon No Zasshi (title means "Magazine on Books"). Publications: My Boy: A Father's Memories, trans by F.L. Schodt, 1993 (originally published as Gaku Monogatari). NOVELS IN JAPANESE: Aishu No Machi Ni Kiri Ga Furunoda (title means: A Fog Gathers in the Sorrow Town); Shinbashi Karasumoriguchi Seishun Hen (title means: Our Spring Time in Shinbashi Karasumoriguchi); Inu No Keifu (title means: A Pedigree of Dogs). SCIENCE FICTION IN JAPANESE: Suiiki (title means: Water Region); Buso Shimada Soko (title means: Armed Storeroom in Shimada); Chika Seikatsusha (title means: The Underground People); Ad Bird. ESSAY COLLECTIONS IN JAPANESE: Akame Hyoron (title means: Red Eye's Critics); Rosia Ni Okeru Nitarinofu No Benza Ni Tsuite (title means: Nitalinoph's Toilet in Russia); Katsuji No Sakasu (title means: Type's Circus); Hirumeshi No Mondai (title means: Problems of Lunch Meal); Monpa No Ki No Shita De (title means: Under a Tree in Monpa). PHOTO ESSAY COLLECTIONS: Umi Wo Mini Iku (title means: Going to See the Sea); Chiisana Yawarakai Gogo (title means: Small and Soft Afternoon); Kaze No Kuni E (title means: To the Land of Winds); Rakuda Gari (title means: Hunting Camels); Machikado De Warau Inu (title means: Laughing Dogs on the Street); Kusa No Shonentachi (title means: Boys in the Grass Country); Nemutai Raion (title means: Sleepy Lions). Has also published two picture books for children. Address: Japan Foreign-Rights Centre, 27-18-804, Naka Ochiai 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161, Japan.