Shila of Kefar Tamarta

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SHILA OF KEFAR TAMARTA (c. second and third centuries c.e.), Palestinian amora. The name of his Judean home is always added to his personal name to distinguish him from an older Babylonian amora of the same name, and from Shila of Naveh, a contemporary. He was a student of R. Johanan, whose teachings he transmits (tj, rh 2:9, 58b; tj, Ḥag. 3:8, 79d). Although he seems to have engaged in halakhah (Nid. 26a), Shila is known mainly as an aggadist, and only aggadic statements of his are quoted. That he delivered his aggadic discourses publicly is evidenced by the introductory formula "R. Shila expounded" (darash; cf. Meg. 16a–b).


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