Resnick, Mike

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RESNICK, Mike. (Michael Diamond Resnick). American, b. 1942. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Science fiction/Fantasy, Recreation, Sports/Fitness. Career: Freelance writer, 1964-. Editor, National Tattler, 1965-66, and National Insider, 1966-69, for National Features Syndicate, Chicago; Oligarch Publishing, Chicago, editor and publisher, 1969-70; Collie Cues Magazine, Hayward, columnist, 1969-80; Briarwood Pet Motel, Cincinnati, owner, 1976-93. Publications: SCIENCE FICTION: The Forgotten Sea of Mars (novella), 1965; The Goddess of Ganymede, 1967; Pursuit on Ganymede, 1968; Redbeard, 1969; (with G.A. Larson) Battlestar Galactica 5: Galactica Discovers Earth, 1980; The Soul Eater, 1981; Birthright: The Book of Man, 1982; Walpurgis III, 1982; Tales of the Galactic Midway, comprising Sideshow, 1982, The Three-Legged Hootch Dancer, 1983, The Wild Alien Tamer, 1983, and The Best Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gunslinger in the Whole Damned Galaxy, 1983; The Branch, 1984; Tales of the Velvet Comet, comprising Eros Ascending, 1984, Eros at Zenith, Eros Descending, 1985, and Eros at Nadir, 1986; Unauthorized Autobiographies (short stories), 1984; Adventures, 1985; The Inn of the Hairy Toad (short stories), 1985; Santiago, 1986; Stalking the Unicorn, 1987; The Dark Lady, 1987; Ivory, 1988; Paradise, 1989; Second Contact, 1990; Through Darkest Resnick with Gun and Camera (stories), 1990; Bully!, 1990; Stalking the Wild Resnick (stories), 1991; Pink Elephants and Hairy Toads (stories), 1991; (with J.L. Chalker and G.A. Effinger) The Red Tape War, 1991; Bwana and Bully!, 1991; The Alien Heart (stories), 1991; Soothsayer, 1991; Oracle, 1992; Prophet, 1992; Lucifer Jones, 1992; Purgatory, 1992; Will The Last Person to Leave the Planet Please Shut off the Sun? (stories), 1992; Prophet, 1993; Inferno, 1993; Exploits, 1993; Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge, 1994; A Miracle of Rare Design, 1994; Encounters, 1994; Solo Flights Through Shared Worlds (stories), 1996; The Widowmaker, 1996; The Widowmaker Reborn, 1997; An Alien Land, 1998; The Widowmaker Unleashed, 1998; Kirinyaga: A Fable of Utopia, 1998; A Hunger in the Soul, 1998; A Safari of the Mind (collection), 1999; In Space No One Can Hear You Laugh (collection), 2000; (with N. DiChario) Magic Feathers (collection), 2000; The Outpost, 2001; The Complete Tales of the Galactic Midway, 2001; The Complete Tales of the Velvet Comet, 2001; Once a Fan…, 2002; (with others) With a Little Help from My Friends, 2002; The Return of Santiago, 2003; Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: The Amulet of Power, 2003; Resnick at Large, 2003; Resnick Abroad, 2004; A Gathering of Widowmakers, 2004. OTHER: Official Guide to the Fantastics, 1976; Official Guide to Comic Books and Big Little Books, 1977; Gymnastics and You: The Whole Story of the Sport, 1978; Official Guide to Comic and Science Fiction Books, 1979; Dog in the Manger (mystery), 1996; Putting It Together, 2000; The Science Fiction Professional, 2002. EDITOR: Shaggy B.E.M. Stories, 1988; (with M.H. Greenberg) Alternate Presidents, 1992; Inside the Funhouse, 1992; Whatdunits, 1992; Aladdin: Master of the Lamp, 1992; Alternate Kennedys, 1993; More Whatdunits, 1993; (with G. Dozois) Future Earths: Under African Skies, 1993; Alternate Warriors, 1993; Christmas Ghosts, 1993; (with G. Dozois) Future Earths: Under South American Skies, 1993; (with M.H. Greenberg) Dinosaur Fantastic, 1993; By Any Other Fame, 1994; (with M.H. Greenberg and L.D. Estleman) Deals with the Devil, 1994; Alternate Worldcons, 1994; The Passage of the Light: The Recursive Science Fiction of Barry N. Malzberg, 1994; Alternate Outlaws, 1994; Witch Fantastic, 1995; (with M.H. Greenberg) Sherlock Holmes in Orbit, 1995; Alternate Tyrants, 1995; Again, Alternate Worldcons, 1996; Dinosaur Fantastic, 1997; Alternate Tyrants, 1997; (with P.N. Hayden) Alternate Skiffy, 1997; Return of the Dinosaurs, 1997; Girls for the Slime God, 1998; I Have This Nifty Idea, 2001; Dimensions of Sheckley, 2002; Men Writing SF as Women, 2003; Women Writing SF as Men, 2003; (with J. Ian) Janis Ian's Universe, 2003; New Voices in Science Fiction, 2003; I, Alien, 2004.