Resnick, Zvi (Hirsh) Yosef Hakohen

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RESNICK, ZVI (Hirsh) YOSEF HAKOHEN (1841–1912), Russian rabbi and rosh yeshivah also known as "Rebbe Hirsh Meitshitzer" (apparently from Molczada, the birthplace of his wife). Resnick taught in Slonim for many years, where his reputation grew to such an extent that he was popularly referred to as "The Slonimer" and in 1894 he was appointed head of the famous Suwalki yeshivah. Ohel Yiẓḥak, established by Rabbi Isaac Eisik *Wildmann, holding the position until his death.

Resnick rejected urgent requests to publish his teachings and commentaries on the grounds that the time involved would detract from his study. Many of his teachings, however, are to be found in the works of his son, Rabbi Menahem Hakohen *Risikoff.


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