Reginald, Robert

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REGINALD, Robert. Also writes as Miguel Alcalde, Michael Burgess, M. R. Burgess, Boden Clarke, C. Everett Cooper, Lucas Webb. American (born Japan), b. 1948. Genres: Novels, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Science fiction/ Fantasy, Genealogy/Heraldry, Literary criticism and history, Bibliography, Reference. Career: California State University, 1970-, assistant bibliographer, 1978-81, chief cataloger, 1981-94, professor, 1984-, head of technical services, 1994-2003, head of collection development, 1994-; Newcastle Publishing Co., editor, 1971-92; Borgo Press, publisher, 1975-99; Millefleurs Information Services, owner & publisher, 2000-. Publications: Stella Nova, 1970; Cumulative Paperback Index, 1939-1959, 1973; Contemporary Science Fiction Authors, 1975; (ed.) Ancestral Voices, 1975; Alistair MacLean: The Key Is Fear, 1976; Ancient Hauntings, 1976; Phantasmagoria, 1976; R.I.P.: 5 Stories of the Supernatural, 1976; The Spectre Bridegroom and Other Horrors, 1976; John D. MacDonald and the Colorful World of Travis McGee, 1977; Things to Come, 1977; Dreamers of Dreams, 1978; King Solomon's Children, 1978; They, 1978; Worlds of Never, 1978; Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, 1700-1974, 2 vols., 1979; Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review, 1980; The Paperback Price Guide, 1980, #2, 1982; Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards, 1981; The Holy Grail Revealed, 1982; If J.F.K. Had Lived, 1982; Candle for Poland, 1982; Tempest in a Teapot, 1983; The Work of Julian May, 1985; Futurevisions, 1985; The Work of Bruce McAllister, 1985, rev. ed., 1986; The Work of Charles Beaumont, 1986; The Work of George Zebrowski, 1986, 3rd ed., 1996; Arms Control, Disarmament, and Military Security Dictionary, 1989; Hancer's Price Guide to Paperback Books, 1990; Reginald's Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards, 2nd ed., 1991, 3rd ed., 1993; Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature 1975-1991, 1992; Polemical Pulps, 1993; George Orwell's Guide through Hell, 1994; St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers, 1996; BP 250, 1996; Xenograffiti, 1996; Codex Derynianus, 1998; Katydid & Other Critters, 2001; THe DarkHaird Man, 2004; The Exiled Prince, 2004; Quaestiones, 2004. Editor of numerous volumes. EDITOR AS MIGUEL ALCALDE: Running from the Hunter: The Life and Works of Charles Beaumont, 1996. AS MICHAEL BURGESS: The House of the Burgesses, 1983, 2nd ed., 1994; (with M.A. Burgess) The Wickizer Annals, 1983; A Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in the Library of Congress Classification Scheme, 1984, 2nd ed., 1988; The Work of R. Reginald, 1985, 2nd ed., 1992; Mystery and Detective Fiction in the Library of Congress Classification Scheme, 1987; Western Fiction in the Library of Congress Classification Scheme, 1988; California Ranchos, 1988; To Kill or Not to Kill, 1990; The Trilemma of World Oil Politics, 1991; A Reference Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, 1992, 2nd ed., 2002; The State and Province Vital Records Guide, 1993; Geo. Alec Effinger: From Entropy to Budayeen, 1993; Stalin: An Annotated Guide to Books in English, 1993; British Science Fiction Paperbacks and Magazines, 1949- 1956, 1994, rev. ed., 1995; Sermons in Science Fiction, 1994; CSUSB Faculty Authors, Composers, and Playwrights, 1965-1995, 1996. AS BODEN CLARKE: The Work of Jeffrey M. Elliot, 1984; Lords Temporal and Lords Spiritual, 1985, 2nd ed. (as Michael Burgess), 1995; The Work of George Zebrowski, 1986, 3rd ed., 1996; The Work of William F. Nolan, 1988, 2nd ed., 1997; The Work of Colin Wilson, 1989; The Work of Chad Oliver, 1989; The Work of Ross Rocklynne, 1989; The Work of Ian Watson, 1989; The Work of Reginald Bretnor, 1989; The Work of Pamela Sargent, 1990, 2nd ed., 1996; The Work of Jack Dann, 1990;' The Work of Charles Beaumont, 2nd ed., 1990; The Work of Dean Ing, 1990; The Work of Louis L'Amour, 1991; The Work of Brian W. Aldiss, 1992; The Work of Katherine Kurtz, 1993; The Work of Jack Vance, 1994; The Work of Elizabeth Chater, 1994; The Work of William Eastlake, 1994; The Work of William F. Temple, 1994; The Work of Gary Brandner, 1995; The Work of Stephen King, 1996. AS C. EVERETT COOPER: Up Your Asteroid, 1977. AS LUCAS WEBB: The Attempted Assassination of John F. Kennedy, 1976. Editor of books; author of short stories and nonfiction essays. Address: PO Box 2845, San Bernardino, CA 92406, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]