Regina (d. around 251 CE)

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Regina (d. around 251 ce)

Saint. Martyred in Alesia around 251 ce.

Regina was a Christian martyr who chose to die rather than break a vow of virginity and marry outside her faith. Supposedly born to noble, but heathen, parents, she was baptized by her wet nurse and subsequently disowned by her parents for her conversion. Olybrius, prefect of Gaul, encountered the 15-year-old Regina while she was tending sheep, and desired to make her his wife. When she refused to marry him or deny her faith, Olybrius had Regina imprisoned and tortured. She was whipped and burned with heated iron plates and pincers, but still held firm to her faith and her vow of virginity. To stop her ceaseless prayers, her tormenters finally cut her throat. Her feast day is September 7.

Ruth Savitz , freelance writer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania