Reginald of Piperno

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Theologian; b. Piperno, Italy; d. Anagni, 1290. After joining the Roman province of the Dominican Order, he met thomas aquinas in 1259. Reginald became secretary, constant companion, confessor, and intimate friend of Aquinas. He accompanied Aquinas on all his journeys and gave his funeral oration at Fossanova. He finished Aquinas's commentaries on St. Paul's Epistles, the Gospel according to St. John, and the De anima of Aristotle. He is probably also the author of the supplement to the third part of the Summa theologiae of Thomas; this supplement was taken from Aquinas's commentary on the Sentences but arranged in the manner of the Summa. Reginald succeeded his friend in the chair of theology at Naples. Aquinas had dedicated to Reginald the Compendium theologiae, the De substantiis separatis, and the De iudiciis astrorum.

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