Reginald, Valerius

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Jesuit moral theologian, known also as Regnault and Raynauld; b. Usie in the diocese of Besançon, France, in 1543 or 1545; d. Dôle, 1623. After completing his ecclesiastical studies at Paris where he studied under Johannes maldonatus and Juan de mariana, among others, he entered the society in 1573. Then followed a long and brilliant teaching career in the society's colleges, notably at Dôle, where he taught moral theology for 20 years. His Praxis fori paenitentialis (Lyons 1616) ranks among the classics of casuistry.

Bibliography: c. sommervogel et. al., Bibliothèque de la Compagnie de Jésus 6:159196; 9: 798. r. brouillard, Dictionnaire de théologie catholique 13.2:211517.

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Reginald, Valerius

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