Red Salute

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Red Salute ★★ 1935

Screwball comedy in the “It Happened One Night” tradition (only not as good) with an antiCommunist message. General's daughter Drue (Stanwyck) falls in love with a young communist. Patriotic dad tries to divert her attention by sending her on a Mexican vacation, where she meets an AWOL soldier. When the pair tries to sneak back into the U.S., he's arrested and she heads back to her leftist lover, whereupon dad releases her AWOL beau and causes more confusion. Film caused much consternation among the left-leaning intelligensia at the time of its release. 88m/B VHS . Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Young, Hardie Albright, Ruth Donnelly, Cliff Edwards, Gordon Jones, Lester Dorr; D: Sidney Lanfield; W: Manuel Seff, Elmer Harris, Humphrey Pearson; C: Robert Planck.