Red Riding Hood 2003

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Red Riding Hood ★ 2003 (R)

Freakshow fairytale. Jenny (Satta) is a 12-year-old American who has been abandoned in a Rome apartment by her mother. She watched her politician father get assassinated, which obviously twisted her little psyche since Jenny roams the streets handing out her own brand of vigilante justice. She's accompanied by a big bad wolf named George (Dipascasio), who could be a figment of her crazy imagination. Then Granny (Archebald) shows up to take the little darling home, but Jenny's got other plans. English and Italian with subtitles. 90m/C DVD . IT Susan Satta, Kathleen Archebald, Simone K. Dipascasio, Iaon Gunn, Roberto Purvis, Marco Firini, Justine Powell; D: Giacomo Cimini; W: Ovidio G. Assonitis, Andrew Benker; C: Sergio Salvati, Roberto Benvenuti; M: Alessandro Molinari.