Red Shoe Diaries 6: How I Met My Husband

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Red Shoe Diaries 6: How I Met My Husband ★★ 1995 (R)

Three more erotic vignettes from the cable series. “How I Met My Husband” finds Alice enrolling in a course on becoming a domanitrix and falling for Giuseppe, who's one of the training objects. Camille has inherited her father's vast fortune in “Naked in the Moonlight” on the condition that she take special care of his '57 Cadillac convertible—and the one mechanic allowed to work on the car. In “Midnight Bells,” Claire reminisces about the mystery lover she meets on only one night of the year—New Year's Eve. 85m/C VHS . Luigi Amodeo, Neith Hunter, Raven Snow, Carsten Norgaard, John Enos, Charlotte Lewis, David Duchovny; D: Anne Goursaud, Philippe Angers, Bernard Auroux. CABLE