Red Shoe Diaries 8: Night of Abandon

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Red Shoe Diaries 8: Night of Abandon ★★ 1997 (R)

Three more erotic adventures from the cable series. “Night of Abandon” finds Isabelle visiting her grandma in Rio de Janeiro and indulging in Carnival. “Liar's Table” has photojournalist Corey assigned to record L.A.'s sex scene and becoming intrigued by a very expensive call girl. Married Kathryn's life changes “In the Blink of an Eye” when she meets a young boxer who's in training with her husband. 86m/C VHS . Erika Anderson, Audie England, Daniel Leza, Ann Cockburn, Terrence Sheahan, Laurie Simpson, Julien Maurel, Brian Edwards, David Duchovny; D: Rafael Eisenman, Rene Manzor, James Gavin Bedford. CABLE