Fox, Robert

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FOX, Robert

FOX, Robert. British, b. 1938. Genres: History, Sciences. Career: Professor of History of Science, Oxford University, 1988-. Lecturer, 1966-72, Sr. Lecturer, 1972-75, Reader, 1975-87, and Professor of History of Science, 1987-88, University of Lancaster. CRHST, director, Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie, 1986-88; Science Museum, London, assistant director, 1988; Ed., The British Journal for the History of Science, 1971-77; President, British Society for the History of Science, 1980-82; President, Division of History of Science of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science, 1994-97; President, International Union of History and Philosophy of Science, 1996-97. Publications: The Caloric Theory of Gases from Lavoisier to Regnault, 1971; The Culture of Science in France, 1700-1900, 1992; Science, Industry and the Social Order in Post-Revolutionary France, 1995; (co-author) Laboratories, Workshops and Sites, 1999. EDITOR: S. Carnot, Reflexions sur la puissance motrice du feu, 1978; (co) The Organization of Science and Technology in France 1808-1914, 1980; (and trans.) S. Carnot, Reflexions on the Motive Power of Fire, 1986; (co) Education, Technology, and Industrial Performance in Europe, 1850-1939, 1993; Technological Change, 1996; (co) Luxury Trades and Consumerism in Ancien Regime Paris, 1998; (co) Natural Dyestuffs and Industrial Culture in Europe, 1750-1880, 1999; T. Harriot, An Elizabethan Man of Science, 2000. Address: Modern History Faculty, Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BD, England.

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