Fox, Sarah 1966-

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Fox, Sarah 1966-


Born June 10, 1966, in Milwaukee, WI; married John Colburn; children: Nora.


Home—Minneapolis, MN. Office—Fuori Editions, 1809 5th St. N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55418. E-mail—[email protected]


Publisher, writer, poet, and educator. Fuori Editions, Minneapolis, MN, publisher; also teaches poetry and creative writing in schools and literary centers throughout Minnesota, through COMPAS, the Minneapolis Public Schools grades K-12, Head Start, the Perpich Center for Arts Education, and the Minneapolis Sexual Violence Center. Also works as a doula, a nonmedical assistant providing physical, emotional and informational support in prenatal care, during childbirth and during the postpartum period.


SASE/Jerome Fellowship in poetry, 1997 and 2003; Jerome, Dayton Hudson, & General Mills Travel & Study Grant, 1998; National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship, 1999; Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, 2001 and 2006; Bush Artist's Fellowship, 2001-2002.


Because Why: Poems, Coffee House Press (Minneapolis, MN), 2006.

Contributor of poems to periodicals, including Bloomsbury Review, Jacket, jubilat, and Verse. Also editor of My Mind Can See in the Night and producer of the anthologies Fuori: One and Fuori: Two.


In her first collection of poetry, titled Because Why: Poems, Sarah Fox presents poetry that often "concerns itself with divining women's necessity, their place in the world," as noted by Jacket Magazine Web site contributor Fred Johnston. Johnston later commented: "There are important concerns addressed in these poems, painful concerns too, which are not only about how women may suffer in themselves but how this suffering is read and interpreted, or not, in a wider context." In an interview on the Coffee House Press Web site, the author commented on her collection, noting: "As I was putting the manuscript together, I wanted to focus, however ambiguously, on this idea of a journey—a subtle narrative arc—launching from the imperative form in the first poem ("Guidebook for a Pleasant Stay") into a territory of questioning." As a result, the book begins with an "introductory" poem and then is broken up into nine short sections, with each section made up of four poems. Fox's first collection of poems has received widespread praise. An Internet Bookwatch contributor called Because Why "an engaging collection of evocative and original poetry." Margaret Lane, writing in MBR Bookwatch, referred to the book as "an eclectic collection of harsh thoughts, lofty ideals, fond memories, [and] snapshots of dark reality."



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