Fox, Sir John Jacob

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FOX, SIR JOHN JACOB (1874–1944), British chemist. Fox, who was born in London, studied at the Royal College of Science and entered government service in 1896. He was appointed government chemist in 1936 and retained this post until his death. In organic chemistry Fox obtained noteworthy results with hydroxyazo compounds. Later he turned to the application of physical methods to the solution of chemical problems and to analysis. He applied ultraviolet and infrared spectroscopy to the study of elements, and his work on diamonds was monumental. Fox was adept at improving both the procedures and the apparatus for analytical work, a major concern of the government's laboratory during both world wars. He was president of the Institute of Chemistry from 1940 to 1942 and in 1943 was elected a fellow of the Royal Society.

[Samuel Aaron Miller]